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Undergoing plastic surgery can be an exciting event in one’s life, but it also requires careful preparation for the surgery itself and the recovery. Knowing what you need to do to prepare can help you feel less nervous about the procedure and focus on the exciting aspects. Here are some tips for preparing to have plastic surgery.


Make Arrangements Beforehand

Make sure that you talk to anyone who needs to help you get to or from the hospital or anyone who may need to stay with you during or after the procedure. Making the proper arrangements for any help you need in advance will make the entire procedure less hectic and stressful for everyone involved. Figuring out things beforehand means that you will also have someone who knows exactly what you want if you’re not in a state to say so yourself after your surgery.


Stay Healthy

There are several important things you should do before the surgery to help your body stay healthy and promote swift recovery after the procedure. First, make sure to stop smoking at least two weeks before the surgery, as this may result in unnecessary complications. Make sure you also refrain from drinking for 72 hours prior and from taking aspirin/aspirin products for two weeks beforehand. Also, make sure to exercise regularly and eat extra proteins and fibers in order to stay in peak health. 


Pack Appropriately

Make sure that you have everything you need with you before going to surgery, like comfortable clothing, relevant medical documents, and cases for glasses or contacts. The procedure will go more smoothly if you have all your important items in one place that is easily accessible to you and other people who may need to locate them if there are any complications during the procedure.


It is normal to be apprehensive before surgery, but with the proper preparations and steps taken beforehand, it is possible to make the experience smooth and uneventful. Be sure to follow any additional instructions your surgeon provides and take all necessary precautions.