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The words “plastic surgery” can often have a negative connotation and are often associated with characters seen across a wide array of reality television shows. However, plastic surgery comes in many forms and serves a variety of purposes. Whether it is reconstructive surgery following an accident, a breast reduction to reduce back pain, or a nose job to improve one’s confidence or health, the reasons for needing plastic surgery differ from person to person.

If you’re new to this scene, the chances are that you might have some reservations leading up to your appointment. No matter what your purpose for surgery is, you can expect your plastic surgery consultation to go a little like this.

Check-In and Meet Medical Assistant

You need not worry – the first step of your consultation looks eerily similar to that of a regular routine visit to your family doctor. You’ll be asked to check in and complete any outstanding forms that need to be signed. From there, you will be asked to take a seat in the waiting area, where you’ll soon be greeted by a medical assistant who escorts you to a private room to discuss your medical history with you.

Meet the Plastic Surgeon

After getting a bit situated, you’ll be greeted by the plastic surgeon who will be assigned to perform your procedure. You’ll likely be asked about what you want to change and why, your expectations and your medical history. In turn, you’ll also be able to ask about surgery details, recovery time, the results you can expect and any possible risks. You might want to take this time to also ask about your surgeon’s background to get a better understanding of their experience and see any before-and-after photos of past clients.

Get Examined 

Although the process of getting plastic surgery is fairly uncomplicated, it is not uncomplicated to the point that you never get an examination. You still need to be examined by the surgeon so that they can inspect your area of concern that was brought up in your discussion. This examination can help deliver some of the answers to your questions or concerns as well.

Discuss Pricing

Following your consultation, you’ll also likely be given an approximate price of the surgery you want to be done, as well as be provided with financing options. Ask how long this quote will be valid, as many surgeons allow their patients a few months to review their options and make a payment plan. After receiving this information, you can begin forming a plan in your head or schedule a consultation with another plastic surgeon in order to compare and contrast your options.